Make Me Hate You

Make Me Hate You

If he kisses me right now, I’ll drown.

Every sip of air is shallow and burning, because in the arms of my best friend’s brother, I’m the closest I’ve ever been to sin.

His eyes flick to my lips, and I remember the first time I tasted him, seven years ago before I left this town and vowed never to return. His hands grip my waist, and I remember the pain when he rejected me, when my entire world crashed down at his command. His jaw clenches, and my senses come alive with one stinging reminder.

I’m not his to kiss, and he’s not mine.

I tried to stay away from Tyler Wagner, putting an entire country between us. But when his sister’s wedding brings us back to the same town, to the same house, I can’t avoid him, no matter how hard I try.

He’s always there, his dark eyes bewitching, luring me into their depths. The memory of us pulls me under like a rip current, and when he flashes that smile, I lose my breath, along with my will, unable to escape his grip and find the surface.

Now, hours before our plus ones arrive for the wedding, I’m in his arms, begging him to make me hate him, knowing he never could.

If he kisses me right now, I’ll drown.

And I’ll take him down with me.

Title:Make Me Hate You
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    Make Me Hate You Reviews

  • Christy

    4 stars Kandi Steiner sure knows how to bring the angst. This romance is well written, passionate, and intense. I felt the struggle Jasmine felt and it was an emotional and compelling read I didn't ...

  • Kandi Steiner

    NOW LIVE! Read in Kindle Unlimited today! Make Me Hate You is an angsty, stand-alone, best friend's brother summer romance.There's a fine line between love and hate. When Jasmine and Tyler are forced...

  • mel

    ˗ˏˋ 3.25 stars ˎˊ˗you know what, im just thankful this isn't as angsty as a love letter to whiskey because i don't think i can handle angsty books back to back as my stress levels are like 📈...

  • Jessica

    Hmm where to start. I am one of Kandi's biggest fans, especially of her angsty books. When this book was being compared to A Love Letter to Whiskey, my first and still favorite book of hers, I was so ...

  • Lana ??DG Romance??

    3.5 STARS It’s you who brings me pain. It’s you who is killing me. It’s you, and us,” I added, motioning between us. “It’s this thing that never was, but always is, that never will ...

  • Wendy'sThoughts

    4 The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants Stars* * * * Spoiler Free, It's LIVE!!!Kandi Steiner has taken me down that road... The one where I felt all types of emotions, many I really don't like to have....

  • Book Maniac Forever

    ⭐️ 5 "You Are Spectacular" Stars ⭐️Every single time Kandi Steiner releases a new book, I jump on the occasion to lose myself in her stunning prose and turbulent emotion she delivers with ...

  • Vanessa (nessreads)

    It’s with good reason why Kandi Steiner is known as the Angst Queen. She has this ability to hook you with every story and gets you invested in the characters, but at the same time only to rip your ...

  • Elizabeth

    I ended up giving this a try because I typically do like Kandi's books (not the recent ones), but this was just a mess of a story. It follows Jasmine and Tyler, who had a one night stand as teenagers ...

  • Elle's Book Blog

    Release Date: June 25, 2020 Actual Rating: 4 stars Brother’s Best Friend | Childhood Friends Romance Make Me Hate You is a childhood friends, brother’s best friend romance packed with emotion a...