A Famished Heart

A Famished Heart


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'Fabulous Dublin-based crime'
Jo Spain, bestselling author of The Confession

'Intriguing, compelling and highly entertaining... formidably impressive'
Liz Nugent, award-winning author of Unravelling Oliver

'A fabulous closed-room mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end'
Denise Mina, acclaimed author of Conviction


The Macnamara sisters hadn't been seen for months before anyone noticed. It was Father Timoney who finally broke down the door, who saw what had become of them. Berenice was sitting in her armchair, surrounded by religious tracts. Rosaleen had crawled under her own bed, her face frozen in terror. Both had starved themselves to death.

Francesca Macnamara returns to Dublin after decades in the US, to find her family in ruins. Meanwhile, Detectives Vincent Swan and Gina Considine are convinced that there is more to the deaths than suicide. Because what little evidence there is, shows that someone was watching the sisters die...

Title:A Famished Heart
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    A Famished Heart Reviews

  • Liz Barnsley

    A Famished Heart is a slow burn of a psychological drama ÔÇô a considered character study more than a crime novel- as such it draws you in with almost imperceptible ease.Two sisters starve to death ÔÇ...

  • Karen

    This looked like a dark read from the description and goodness, this was a haunting and atmospheric story. ItÔÇÖs inspired by a true story from 20 years ago which took place in Leixlip, Co Kildare, bu...

  • Meggy - Chocolate'n'Waffles

    Oh my Goodness, how do I review this one?Viper Books hits the ground running with this first publication! A Famished Heart smells of novelty and intrigue. I was as happy as a kid on Christmas day when...

  • Elaine Tomasso

    I would like to thank Netgalley and SerpentÔÇÖs Tail/Profile Books for an advance copy of A Famished Heart, a stand alone set in Dublin in 1982.When Father Timoney discovers the dead bodies of Berenic...

  • Anschen Conradie

    #Afamishedheart - Nicola White#Viper#PasellabookThe two middle-aged McNamara sisters were devout Catholics, but hermits, so a few months went by without anyone seeing them before Father Timoney, the p...

  • Shalini

    For me, this was quite a visual read to imagine the bodies of the sisters found by Father Timoney. The first half had the third sister Frances and DI Vincent too playing their parts in the story. My f...

  • Rachel Sargeant

    Two middle-aged sisters are found dead in their home in Dublin. Although the puzzle of their deaths makes for an intriguing plot, this is a character-led novel told from three well-drawn viewpoints. F...

  • Mary Picken

    Nicola WhiteÔÇÖs A Famished Heart transports us back to 1980ÔÇÖs Dublin; a place where sexism is rife, there were such things as starlets and computing science was all about flashing cursors and green...

  • Karen Huxtable

    I do love a book that starts with a shocking beginning and this book certainty ticks that box.Francesca has been working in America as an actress for many years but her professional life is not going ...

  • Stephanie

    I loved this novel that was set in Dublin in the 1980s. It was quite refreshing to read a detective novel where the police had to rely on finding a pay phone to speak to colleagues rather than just us...