Don't Ask Me Where I'm From

Don't Ask Me Where I'm From

First-generation American LatinX Liliana Cruz does what it takes to fit in at her new nearly all-white school. But when family secrets spill out and racism at school ramps up, she must decide what she believes in and take a stand.

Liliana Cruz is a hitting a wall—or rather, walls.

There’s the wall her mom has put up ever since Liliana’s dad left—again.

There’s the wall that delineates Liliana’s diverse inner-city Boston neighborhood from Westburg, the wealthy—and white—suburban high school she’s just been accepted into.

And there’s the wall Liliana creates within herself, because to survive at Westburg, she can’t just lighten up, she has to whiten up.

So what if she changes her name? So what if she changes the way she talks? So what if she’s seeing her neighborhood in a different way? But then light is shed on some hard truths: It isn’t that her father doesn’t want to come home—he can’t…and her whole family is in jeopardy. And when racial tensions at school reach a fever pitch, the walls that divide feel insurmountable.

But a wall isn’t always a barrier. It can be a foundation for something better. And Liliana must choose: Use this foundation as a platform to speak her truth, or risk crumbling under its weight.

Title:Don't Ask Me Where I'm From
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    Don't Ask Me Where I'm From Reviews

  • elena

    april 2, 2020i don't think anyone will ever understand how happy i get when central america is being represented in a young adult novel. as a first-generation salvadoran-american, part of my culture w...

  • destiny ??? [howling libraries]

    This is honestly one of the prettiest covers I've EVER seen on a contemporary book and I think I need it in my life ...

  • Nenia ?? Queen of Villainy ?? Campbell

    For a moment, I thought the blurb in the GR giveaway said, "Don't ask me for an advanced reader copy."And I was like, "Wait."...

  • Dianne

    DON’T ASK ME WHERE I’M FROM by Jennifer De Leon is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, a young teen is dealing with excelling in her diverse, inner city neighborhood. After being offered the oppo...

  • Mayra

    I must confess I began reading this book and did not stop until I read the last word. Looking back on my reading of the book made me aware of the different lenses I used throughout the story. 1. First...

  • Kathy

    Interesting story of young immigrant girl thrust into unfamiliar surroundings and how she adjusts. Lol I is a strong female character and inspirational. Good story that held my interest....

  • Mary Thomas

    I really liked this YA contemporary. I thought Liliana was such a great protagonist- I legit enjoyed spending time with her! I think students are going to love this book. I love reading a book and kno...

  • Eileen

    I found this story to be both compelling and informative as we got to look at living in American through the eyes of a Latinx main character who is trying to navigate living in two different worlds. L...

  • Solace_In_Reading

    12.2.19Why have I not seen this book being hyped up?!!! It looks amazing and highly relatable.7.20.2020Wow. That excerpt on Riveted by Simon Teen was AMAZING. I cannot wait to read the entire book....

  • Belle Ellrich

    *I WAS PROVIDED A PHYSICAL GALLEY BY THE PUBLISHER FOR THE PURPOSES OF A TOUR. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT MY OPINION*Fair warning when reading this book: it will absolutely gut you emotionally.Jennifer De...