No Crones About It

No Crones About It

Scout Randall is settling in with the northern Lower Michigan branch of Spell’s Angels. She’s feeling bold, brash … and just a little bit flirty thanks to her burgeoning relationship with Gunner Stratton, a shifter whose father happens to serve as the chief of police in Hawthorne Hollow.
Things are going well … until they’re not.
A group of shifters who used to live in the area have returned and they’re up to something. Right from the start, Scout is suspicious but she can’t quite explain why. Then, when a local homeless man is found dead – with Scout’s name literally carved into him – she starts to believe that she’s being set up to take a fall.
Gunner is determined to help. His history with the shifters in question makes things difficult, though. On top of everything else, it becomes apparent that the dead guy’s ties to Scout run deep … like genetically deep. He’s related to her, and for a woman who was abandoned as a child, it’s a hard blow to absorb.
Gunner is determined to stick close as the warring wolves close ranks and start issuing threats. It’s going to take everybody working together to find the answers Scout desperately needs, including uncovering the secret of her past. When one of their own is taken, Scout has no choice but to put her full cache of magic on display.
It’s going to be a fight to the finish, rival gangs going at one another, and only one side will be victorious.
Which one will it be?

Title:No Crones About It
Edition Language:English
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    No Crones About It Reviews

  • Sheila Barbee

    ExcellentThis book has a nice flow and engaging characters. It's a good idea to read book 1 first. When the mystery is finally solved,some interesting sub plots and guilty characters are found. I am h...

  • Krystyna

    Absolutely Fabulous read!What a terrific read. Okay it gets you a tad closer (but only a tad) to finding out what she is and who's hunting her by leaving dead bodies with messages burnt into their bac...

  • Brittney

    No magicThere was another review I feel strongly with but I'd like to point out a few other things1.if scout never used magic I'd never know this a paranormal book because literally no one else uses m...

  • JadeShea

    No Crones About It begins with Scout and Gunner dancing around each other until they decide to move forward a little bit. But, things start to get a little crazy when some new people show up in town a...

  • Larisa  Atkinson

    WOWAnother great book by Amanda M. Lee!! I absolutely love this series and scout and Gunner are so much fun to hang out with. This book has it all mystery, adventure, and romance!! I am looking forwar...

  • K

    Loved it!I am really enjoying this series, Scout & Gunner are adorable and the backstory/mystery is really interesting. Looking forward to the next installment. ...

  • Jana Gundy

    I love Scout and Gunner!What a fantastic book. I love the town and characters that the author has created. It’s a slice of small town living with lovable characters that you feel you know personally...

  • Cathy Pardue

    Loving this seriesI love the power that Scout has. Usually a character builds up, but Scout is a power house from the beginning and it's awesome. I also love Gunnar. I love everything about him, perfe...

  • Kimberly Landry

    Excellent read!!!I love Scout and Gunner!!! This book was great. The evil that lurks is something else. I look forward to the next book...

  • Debbie

    Quite enjoyable. Not sure about the whole biker club angle; series seems to have real potential....