Fausta Borja's Beauty and the Beast

Fausta Borja's Beauty and the Beast

Folks wonder what sort of woman I am, that I would sell myself to The Beast.

Cursed with a hideous form, the mysterious La Bête never leaves his enchanted castle. No matter: his riches are as endless as the steady stream of women willing to serve him. Those women say his appetites are as monstrous as his visage.

I may be young and innocent, but I am also practical. Five chests of gold for one year of servitude seems fair. Especially when my family is desperate for money.

When La Bête needs a new woman and offers for one of my father’s daughters, my family accepts his terms.

I am the willing sacrifice.

But La Bête is unlike any man I’ve ever known.

And I am about to learn what it means to love a beast.

Fausta Borja’s Beauty and the Beast is a steamy gothic romance novel based on the classic fairy tale.

Title:Fausta Borja's Beauty and the Beast
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    Fausta Borja's Beauty and the Beast Reviews

  • Firstpella

    DNF @ 59%Sigh...can no one write truly delicious Fairytale Come Alive Kindle Smut...Still searching for ‘Beauty & The Beast’ (as well as ‘Phantom of the Opera’) done the good kind of grown up ...

  • Evangeline Luguna

    WowI just wanted to know her name and you left me wanting to know and ended with happiness but no name!! 😭😭😭...

  • Tina

    DNF at 24%. Nope, I'm not going to finish. I wasted my money lol...

  • Lynn's books

    GrrrThe story line had so much potential and the actual story itself held my attention. The problem? The premise that the beast has to rut with a woman constantly at night (when he comes out) so he ca...

  • Astrid Miles

    Astrid's Description: If you have seen the French 2014 Beauty and the Beast or if you have read the original version, then you just need to add sex and that is basically this story.In my opinion, it ...

  • Rachel

    I took a gamble on this book. I'd never heard of Fausta Borja, but her spin on the classic fairy tale was a bit too intriguing to pass up. I enjoyed it.Definitely for adults, and a bit bizarre, but a ...

  • Country Goose

    Interesting 2.5 StarsIt's a very different erotic read. There were some aspects I liked. Specifically, I enjoy dark romance novel, not BDSM or anything of that sort, but real depth with dark truths. T...

  • Lynnelle D. Bolton

    Not for children. I'm not sure I like these new versions my old fairy tails.As I already wrote, I am not sure I like these new (or are they old) versions of the fairy tails from my youth. I've underst...

  • Jenny Brown

    Still a rose I enjoyed that mix of Spanish-America and a dash of French New Orleans .The only heard part to this read ,was that the course was not outlined all that well.But for the most part the roma...

  • Amanda Banks

    Needs some fine tuningI like the story, but I felt as if the characters conflict was easily resolved. I would not classify this as erotica, those scenes were generic and lacked detail. I may or may no...