Books for Kids: LOL! (Funny Jokes for Kids): 101 Jokes for Kids - Games & Puzzles - Kids Jokes - Jokes for Children

Books for Kids: LOL! (Funny Jokes for Kids): 101 Jokes for Kids - Games & Puzzles - Kids Jokes - Jokes for Children


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LOL! 101 Funny Jokes for Kids

Are you looking for a fun book to keep the kids entertained and happy? This funny joke book for kids is excellent for early readers. It also includes some fun games and puzzles. Laughing and jokes have been proven to have positive mental and physical effects on the body!

This books is especially great for long trips, waiting rooms, and reading aloud at home.

101 funny jokes for kids Excellent for early readers Includes fun games and puzzles Hours of fun and entertainment for kids and children Great for long trips, waiting rooms, and reading aloud Short jokes, cheesy jokes, animal jokes, and MORE! * BONUS INCLUDED * ==> FREE Joke Book Download

100+ Funny Jokes (see link inside)

Download a free joke book with purchase of this book!

From this Funny Joke Book...

Q: What do cars do at a party?
A: Brake dance!


Q: Where do snowmen keep their money?
A: In a snow bank!


Q: Why did the weather want privacy?
A: It was changing!


Q: What did the drink machine say when a quarter got stuck?
A: Money is tight these days!


Q: What did the stamp say to the letter?
A: I’ve become attached to you!


Q: Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
A: He was feeling crummy!

Best-Selling Author ~ Johnny B. Laughing

The Joke King is back with another hilarious joke book full of funny, laugh-out-loud, crazy comedy and MASSIVE assortment of awesome jokes for children of all ages, teens, and adults. This awesome joke book for kids is easy to read and full of laughs!

WARNING: This funny joke book will cause you to laugh hysterically!

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Title:Books for Kids: LOL! (Funny Jokes for Kids): 101 Jokes for Kids - Games & Puzzles - Kids Jokes - Jokes for Children
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    Books for Kids: LOL! (Funny Jokes for Kids): 101 Jokes for Kids - Games & Puzzles - Kids Jokes - Jokes for Children Reviews

  • Angela Lambkin

    LOL! 101 Funny jokes for Kids!I liked the ones I think especially with the fish and then the others too!I thought that they were pretty funny and wished I had someone to share them with besides just ...

  • Louise maria Haines

    CoolIt is a very funny book and it is interesting it is the best book I've ever red it is fantastic....

  • Ann Mclees

    Funny, good hearted humor. ...

  • Jonterria Newson

    Not a good readIt was not a good read for teenagers but for 7and under it would of been a wonderful book it is funnyish I likwed it...

  • Cynthia  Gutzwiller

    Laughing Exercises Your Face MusclesThis book contains100+ jokes and games and puzzles. It is made for early and beginning readers. These are easy to read jokes. This book also comes in an audio book ...

  • Zacchaeus Tremel Allen


  • Eileen

    Hilarious Hilarious Lots of amazing jokesSuitable for kids and the whole family, now you can make your teacher laugh too!!...

  • Jamie Gallegos

    Very goodVery good I really enjoy the funny books and I just think that you would enjoy this book as well ...

  • Jasmin Alvarez

    MehIt wasn't really that funny and I really thing if you are 8 and over, you will not really laugh at all at this book...

  • Ashley Annestedt

    It's okayThe funniest part But just the funniest part was at the end with the mazes and the like fine 10 differences in the vegetable 1 and the toy 1I kind of liked it I give it 3 stars but still ther...