Bob Dylan: A Biography

Bob Dylan: A Biography

Written at the dawn of the seventies by a former crime reporter and self-confessed "mafia expert", this book was not only the first serious study of Dylan's life and work, but also a landmark in the way popular music was written about.

In addition to a Bob biographer's wish-list of interviews, Scaduto pulled off the remarkable coup of getting Dylan's full co-operation without conceding an editorial veto. Dylan has read this book cover to cover and discusses its uncomfortable contents with the author at length!

Though a veritable publishing industry has followed in Scaduto's wake, arguably no-one since has come as close to revealing the true nature of the man behind the shades.

"Pioneering portrait of this legendarily elusive artist. Now in a welcome reprint, it's a real treat to read this still-classic Bobography."- Q ***** Five Stars!

"A classic!"-Paul Williams, author of Bob Dylan: Performing Artist

"Pioneers are often written out of history but never let it be forgotten that Scaduto was the man. It's scandalous that this book has been out of print for so many years. Its return should be greeted with dancing in the street."-Jimmy Rogan, from the foreword

"The author's triumph was that ultimately he persuaded Dylan to talk."-Liz Thompson, editor of the Dylan Companion

"I read it. Some of it is pretty straight, some of it exactly the way it happened… I rather enjoyed it."-Bob Dylan

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    Bob Dylan: A Biography Reviews

  • Seth Kupchick

    This was probably one of the most important books that I ever read, and really pointed a way for me to go in my life, and since there are so few biographies that have done this, I don't feel like I ca...

  • Steven Peterson

    A decent biography of Bob Dylan. When I read it, I had a sense that I was getting an inside vieew of the phenomenon of Bob Dylan. Some interesting insights and some thought provoking ideas....

  • John Kube

    As a fan of early Dylan, this book was fascinating. It describes Dylan's early life and his struggle to find his character and who/what he wanted to be in the music world. He stole mannerisms from peo...

  • Thomas DeWolf

    I've owned a copy of this book for decades, but never read it. I picked it up a couple weeks ago and what a treat! Young Dylan, pre-Blood on the Tracks, the Village in New York City, Woodstock, Echo H...

  • Tom Schulte

    While this biography ends just after 1971's Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, Dylan's reluctant participation makes it probably about the best Dylan biography available. This covers his Minnesota roo...

  • Cojuja

    That book was totally bad....

  • Benito

    This is one of the better Bob bios on the market, the best being Bob’s self-penned Chronicles: Vol. 1. Originally published in 1972 this could be said to be quite behind the times, ending as it doe...

  • Sutter Lee

    I haven't read this book since it came out in early 70s. Altho I liked it a lot, (it was the first book published about Dylan) I didn't really care for Dylan the person, after I read the book. Consequ...

  • mr. chad

    I bought this book used. It held my interest for several pages, and then I began sneezing - damn allergies. I have had to put it down for now, and air out a bit. Crazy, but true. I'll get back to it i...

  • Rich

    One of the best bios of Bob...