More Than Words

More Than Words

Official Description: Painfully shy, slightly awkward florist Elias has daydreamed about Mateo – the hot mechanic from the shop across the street – for months. When he finally gets his chance to talk to him, Mateo’s response, or lack thereof, is enough to have Elias vowing to never make such a fool of himself again, not for any guy, no matter how hot.

But then the flowers start arriving. Every day, each with a special meaning, a story to tell him – a secret admirer who has a way with words even though Elias doesn’t even know who he is.

When Elias finds himself in over his head late one night and Mateo comes to his rescue, can Elias learn to stop expecting pretty words and start listening to his heart instead?

Original Prompt:
Dear Author,
This young guy is a shy florist. [picture 1]

His dream is to build up a courage to ask out the sexy mechanic who works across the street. A mechanic who wears EYELINER that drives our florist crazy. He just doesn't know what to do! He doesn't even know if the sexy mechanic knows he's alive.

Wearing this kind of t-shirt (below) is a bit too blatant, isn't it? *grin*. [picture 2]

Well, if you can help him to get his HEA, you will make my florist's summer.

Photo Description: [picture 1] A lithe, dark-haired man hugs a bouquet of white lilies to his bare chest, face tilted to the flowers until one silky petal lies against his chin. The curve of his muscled arm, and the wistful look on his face, suggest it is not flowers he imagines in his embrace. [picture 2] A young man wearing a white t-shirt with the phrase ‘I love boys in eyeliner'.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Hot Summer Days" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

Download the story at Author's website [pdf format], read it online or find it in Don't Read in the Closet, Volume 4.
Genre: contemporary
Tags: gay m/m, flowers, public sex, hot men in eyeliner, guy next door, blue-collar
Warnings: mild assault
Word Count: 9,853

Title:More Than Words
Edition Language:English
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  • Exina

    Elias is a florist, and has daydreamed about Mateo – the hot mechanic from the shop across the street – for months. Elias is too shy to take the first step, and when one day he manages to talk to ...

  • ~?~D?ni(ela) ? ?? love & semi-colons~?~

    Sexy, romantic, and free! Unrequited love is sometimes returned. Thankfully, my Spanish is good enough that I understood almost all of Mateo's dialogue. There is no translation (like Elias, we're supp...

  • Ami

    This story is made from my prompt (YAY!) -- and boy, how Fae delivers!!This story is part cute, part romantic, and part "mystery", considering that Elias has no idea what Mateo is saying in Spanish (i...

  • Macky

    A friend ( Thank you Lolita :) ) recently sent me some recc's from The Don't Read In The Closet Series and this was one of them. I read them all quite a while ago before I started rating and reviewing...

  • Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    I really did enjoy this story it was very sweet and the sex was hot. I just wish it was longer and had a little more character development, we barely know anything about the MC and much less about Mat...

  • Catherine

    What’s more romantic than getting wooed with flowers? Very little, that's what. It was a little tedious to have to put all of Mateo's Spanish through Google Translate, but the pay off was always aww...

  • V

    This is one of those times that I really wish the story was longer. Very cute and lovely.Also, for the first time I was very happy about the Spanish sentences, no spelling mistakes at all, and the wor...

  • Makhda

    My god, that was really sweet. *sigh*...

  • Amy

    I didn't really connect with this one. Maybe I would have liked it better if I spoke Spanish and could understand what Mateo was saying. To me it seemed like everything was really rushed. They went fr...

  • Gigi

    Short, fun free read. A bit far-fetched, but sexy as hell....